Our eChecklist book, to the best of our knowledge the first of its kind, features interactive checklists for all major and minor league franchises, 1870-1975.  Now team collectors can manage their checklists on their computers and/or mobile devices.  In all, over 180 professional franchises are represented, with nearly 62,000 entries on 482 pages.  In addition, the book includes a photo gallery consisting of 47 pages with images of sample cards from over 700 different sets -- a virtual type set.

The 62,000 check boxes are interactive; clicking any will turn it on or off.  Navigation buttons at the bottom of each page will direct you to the Table of Contents (with links to each franchise's card listings) or Gallery.

This compilation is being made available solely in the form of an eBook, so collectors can easily use it on their computers, iPads, mobile phones, etc.